Sunday, November 22, 2015

5th Post - The Glorious Cape, the Wine Region, and Cape Town

Ahhh, the Glorious Cape! A great way to end a wonderful tour.
We arrived in Cape Town Thursday evening, and the weather was just good enough that the Table Mountain Cable Car was running. Experience has taught me to go up the mountain the first opportunity, because you may not have another one! It was quite windy and cold, but beautiful. While having a bite to eat, we watched the sun set into a sea of clouds over the Atlantic Ocean.
Friday was our day for the Cape and we started with the lovely Atlantic Suburbs south of the city. On to Chapman's Peak Drive and down to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope. We topped it off with a visit to the Boulder's Beach Penguin Colony. And yes, there are penguins in Africa!

Bright blue skies on top of Table Mountain

Bright sunshine, but a sea of clouds to the west

Donna and Suzan enjoy the views and the 'fresh' air!

Donna, Suzan, Denny, Matt, Kiko, and Kent high above Cape Town

The Table Mountain Cable Car

Young school children seem a little undressed for the wind on Table Mountain!

The sun sets into a sea of clouds over the Atlantic Ocean

Cape Town by night

Cape Town Soccer Stadium

Hout Bay from Chapman's Peak Drive

Nordhoek Beach and Monkey Resort

Kommetjie Lighthouse

Pin Cushion Protea and Wild Geranium


Lunch with a View at Cape Point

Matt, Kiko, Susan, and Heinz hike from Cape Point down to Cape of Good Hope

The four intrepid hikers wave before descending to the Cape

Not an easy trail!

Hundreds of seabirds ignore the crashing of the waves on the rocks

Denny relishes in the scene

Cormorants and a Big Wave

Heinz, Denny, Matt, Kiko and Suzan at the Cape

Table Mountain National Park - Cape of Good Hope Section

Suzan checks out the Cape Snow

Cape Snow

and yes, penguins

Penguins at Boulder's Beach

African Penguins (formerly known as Jackass Penguins due to their braying sound)

Strutting her stuff!

Cape Town Waterfront on a stormy evening

Waterfront all decorated for Christmas

Camphor Avenue - Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Kirstenbosch - Back Side of Table Mountain

Suzan and the Nelson Mandela Statue

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Mother Guinea Hen and chicks

Sugar Bird on a Protea - the Sugar Bird's tail is 65% of its body length!


King Protea in bloom - South Africa's National Flower

King Protea ready to open

Sun Bird in the Protea

Multi-colored Protea

Suzan, Kiko, Heinz, Matt, and Denny on the Boomslang (Tree Snake!)

Middelvlei Winery - Ben shows us the cellar

Delicous Boere Braii (Farmer's Barbecue) at Middelvlei Winery

Cape Dutch Architecture in Stellenbosch

Picturesque Winery and Mountains in Stellenbosch

The Men's Group sings at the Waterfront

Sunset over the Atlantic from Signal Hill

Sunset picnic on Signal Hill

Now that's a picture frame!

Last view of Cape Town by Night - after sunset on Signal Hill

The colorful Bo Kap district of Cape Town. Our lodge was right on the edge of it.

Bo Kap

Watching the Egyptian Geese and babies in Company Gardens Park

South Africa's Southern Whitehouse

Heinz, Suzan, Matt, & Kiko by a huge Rubber Tree

South Africa's Parliament

 A Fitting final photo for the trip - 
Wire Sculpture of Nelson Mandela at the Mandela Rhodes Place